Schizophrenia in Children

Schizophrenia in Children


Many psychological behaviors are formed within the child as a result of his or her relationship with the society around him, which affects him negatively or positively. Society is considered the pen that is written on the white paper that the child and the society here represent the family surrounding the child or school or peers around him. When dealing Child with those around him may produce good behaviors that must be developed or contrary must be treated and evaluated so as not to affect the child then these behaviors in old age. Psychological response is sometimes the most harmful of the organic disease if it becomes a habit or print because it will remain with him throughout his life after that, Diseases facing Tvalena mental illness is the one who is known as osteoarthritis in children. What are arthrosis and its symptoms, causes, and treatment methods this is what will be explained in the next lines.


What is schizophrenia in children:


It is a disease caused by disturbances in the brain and is one of the acute disorders that affect the child. It is a rare disease that affects children and more susceptible to it at the age of four. It Is a disease affects the perception and hearing and imagination in the child is a disease leads to a group of Hallucinations and behavioral disorders that in turn lead to the child’s lack of proper behavior and which is affected by the severity of the disease.


The causes of schizophrenia in children:


Since the finding of the disease in the first half of the last century and to date is not known the cause of schizophrenia and some see it as a hereditary disease that affects part of the brain and to do so many medical research to find out the purpose of this mental illness and child Human in general.


Symptoms that appear on the child as a result of the disease:


One of the first symptoms that attack a child who has schizophrenia is the delay in pronunciation or language delay, and then find a child that has difficulty in crawling or find him walking to crawl in a disorderly manner. And this indeed leads to a delay in walking and a problem in teaching walking in time The child also has multiple symptoms that are parallel to the signs of the child, such as hallucinations. Which are considered the most important signs that appear on the child is something that represents the child to hear but without his presence, In fact, it is deemed to be Second, there are illusions in children who have schizophrenia. Imagine that there is always someone who tries to hurt him and that there are actions that occur but have no basis of health, besides the lack of balance Thinking and Speaking We note that the answers are not connected.


The treatment of schizophrenia in children: 


As for the treatment of this disease does not have a specific treatment varies according to the situation of the child from one child to another. There is a child who wants treatment in hyper-energy and there is another cure for the disorder of behavior. And there are many of the teachings of the child of the instructions and methods. Many may be advised by the doctor and remain schizophrenic patient has few skills do not exceed the natural person. And some of them respond to treatment and can develop and regain many of the curricular methods in a natural way and can be superior in the study of the most important that the child is consistent with the teachings described by the doctor. And attend sessions of recovery and the God Complete by the father and mother until the disease is completely cured.

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